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Playlist 2016



1) THE MYRRORS “Entranced Earth” (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)
2) COMET CONTROL “Center Of the Maze” (Teepee Records)
3) THE CHEMISTRY SET “The Endless More and More” (Fruits De Mer Regal Crabomophone)
4) JOSEFIN ÖHRN + THE LIBERATION “Mirage” (Rocket Recordings)
5) THE WINSTONS “The Winstons” (AMS Records)
6) DREAMTIME “Strange Pleasures” (Cardinal Fuzz, Sky Lantern, Tym guitars)
7) MONDO DRAG “The Occultation Of Light” (Riding Easy Records)
8) GOAT “Requiem” (Rocket Recordings, Sub Pop)
9) THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL “The Acceleration Of Time” (TLOEH, Headspin Records)
10) THE HONEY POT “Inside The Whale” (Mega Dodo)






1) FLOWERS MUST DIE “Sista Valsen” (12″EP Rocket Recordings)
2) BABA NAGA “Plná Krvy / DeificYen” (10″ Naughty God Records)
3) FIR Summer Wasn’t There / Winter Doesn’t Care” (7″ Bad Paintings)
4) THE WICKED WHISPERS “If I Set You Free / Zodiac Girl” (7″ Electone)
5) THE WINSTONS “Golden Brown / Black Shopping Bag” (7″ AMS Records)
6) BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS “Constant Flux / Pirâmide” (7″ Ghost Box)
7) THE KUMARI “Abyss / Space Witch” (7″ Soundflat Records)
8) THE BEATNIKS “CC (Love Surprise) / Ball & Chain” (7″ The Beatniks)
9) THE BEGINNER’S MYND “Singing Man / I Found You Out” (7″ Hidden Volume)
10) MAGIC SHOPPE “Interstellar Car Crash” (10″EP Magic Shoppe)
11) DEAD FEATHERS “Dead Feathers” (10″EP HeviSike Records)
12) THEE TELEPATHS “Electric Head” (12″EP Mighty Fuzz)
13) THE ABOVE “There is a Reason” (10″EP Hidden Volume)
14) SOFT CANDY “Bixarre Luv Pyramids / Song For Ellie Mae” (7″ HoZac Records)
15) THE MAGNETIC MIND “Couldn’t Understand / No-One’s Child” (7″ Heavy Soul)