Playlist 2015



1) HILLS “Frid” (Rocket Recordings)
2) SWERVEDRIVER “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You” (Cherry Red)
3) CRANIUM PIE “Mechanisms Part Two” (Fruits de Mer)
4) THE GRAND ASTORIA “The Mighty Few” ([no name], VE Recordings)
5) THE MAGNETIC MIND “Is Thinking About It” (Heavy Soul)
6) DRUID “Druid” (Druid, Nasoni Records)
7) BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS “The Beast Shouted Love” (Megadodo, Nos Discos)
8) FOGG “High Testament” (Tee Pee Records)
9) CHERRY CHOKE “Raising The Waters” (Elektrohasch Schallplatten)
10) NEW ORDER “Music Complete” (Mute)


albums 2015




1) THE KUMARI “Walking / Beam” (7″, Croque Macadam)
2) FLOWERS MUST DIE “Montana / Nusrat EP” (12″, Höga Nord Rekords)
3) THE VRYLL SOCIETY “Deep Blue Skies” (7″, Deltasonic & Flying Vinyl)
4) YURI GAGARIN “Sea Of Dust” (7″, Ultraljud Records)
5) GOAT “It’s Time For Fun / Relax” (7″, Rocket Recordings)
6) RIDDLES “Psychedelic Power Engine / Wizards Of War” (7”, Energy Snake)
7) INHEAVEN “Regeneration / Slow” (7”, AMF)
8) NO STRANGE “Universi e Trasparenze” (10″, Area Pirata & Psych-Out Records)
9) THE BEATPACK “Where The Water Runs Deep / All Dressed In Black” (7”, State)
10) THE NOBLE KRELL “Never Ever” (7″, Hidden Volume) + “The Velvet You” (7″, 13 O’Clock Records)


singles 2015


Best digital single




(Unissued & Posthumous Releases / Singles & Albums) by Beppe Badino


1) JOHNNY & THE SELF ABUSERS “Subway Sex” (LP, Unleashed)
2) VARIOUS ARTISTS “Greater Manchester Punk 1977 – 81” (LP, Vinyl Revival)
3) THE SLOWEST CLOCK “Smile Futurismo! All I Heard Was Purple” (CD, Eye Unseen)
4) SABATTIS “Warning In The Sky” (LP, Out-Sider)
5) IN CAMERA “Era” (2xLP, 4AD)
6) SPELL “Tangle Web” EP (7”, Tor)
7) LEGAY “High Flying Around” EP (7”, Circle)
8) MILES OVER MATTER “The Vagabonds Of Psychedelia:1980-82” (CD, Paisley Archive)
9) THE MICKEY FINN “Garden Of My Mind” (CD, RPM)
10) NUCLEAR SOCKETTS “Complete Singles + 5 Unreleased Tracks” (LP, Overground)
11) MOTHER NATURE “Orange Days And Purple Nights” (CD, Wooden Hill)
12) MANICURED NOISE “Northern Stories 1978-80” (LP, Caroline True)
13) RAW MEAT “Stand By Girl / Out In The Country” (7”, Riding Easy)
14) LIQUID DIAMONDS “Aw Maw / Long Ago” (7″, HoZac Archival)
15) COLLUSION “Collusion” (CD, Audio Archives)


ristampe 2015



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