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1) The Magnetic Mind “Is Thinking About It” (Heavy Soul Records)
2) The Ordinary Boys “The Ordinary Boys” (Treat Yourself)
3) Brain Pyramid “Magnetosphere” (Vincebus Eruptum)
4) The Libertines “Anthems For Doomed Youth” (Virgin)
5) Beautify JunkyardsThe Beast Shouted Love” (Megadodo, Nos Discos)
6) Shooting Guns / Hawkeyes “Brothers Of The Nod” (Helmet Lady Records)
7) Gentlemans Pistols “Hustler’s Row” (Nuclear Blast)
8) Plant Tribe “Late Noon” (Space Chant)
9) Øresund Space Collective “Out Into Space” (Space Rock Productions)
10) Hills “Frid” (Rocket Recordings) + “Live At Daemonens Port” (Kommun 2, Svensk Psych Aften)




1) Yuri Gagarin “Sea of Dust / Psycological Discontinuity” (7″, Ultraljud Records)
2) The Optic Nerve “Penelope Tuesday / Here To Stay” (7”, State)
3) The Vryll Society “Deep Blue Skies / Beautiful Faces” (7″ Deltasonic, Flying Vinyl)
4) Me and My Kites “Porcelain” (CDEP, Porcelain Records)
5) Night DialsI’ve Done More Things /I’ll Sleep When I Die” (7”, Ciao Ketchup)
6) Bronco BullfrogMarmalade / (She’s Having An) Existential Crisis” (7″, Sunstone)
7) Children of Leir “Children Of Leir Ep” (12″, Return to Disorder)
8) The Beginner’s Mynd “I Found You Out / When You Go” (7″, 13 O’Clock Records)
9) The CribsSummer Of Changes / Wish I Knew You In The 90s” (7”, Sony Music)
10) Magic BusSeven Wonders / Eight Miles High” (7”, Fruits De Mer)




1) Johnny & The Self Abusers “Subway Sex” (Unleashed)
2) ORK Records: New York, New York (Numero Group)
3) Sabattis “Warning In The Sky” (Out-Sider)
4) John Greaves / Peter Blegvad / Lisa Herman “Kew. Rhone.” (ReR Megacorp)
5) Collusion “Collusion” (Audio Archives)
6) Steve Hillage “Madison Square Garden 1977” (Purple Pyramid)
7) Tin House “Tin House” (Lion Productions)
8) Zakary Thaks “It’s The End The Definitive Collection” (Big Beat Records)
9) Mother Nature “Orange Days And Purple Nights” (Wooden Hill)
10) Pere Ubu “Elitism For The People 1975-1978” (Fire Records)


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